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Meme: one sentence pairing drabble stuff

When I moved files around on my PC I lost the drabbles I was working on for you guys tide you over:

one-sentence challenge.
rules: give me a pairing and I'll write you a one-sentence drabble.

* Doesn't matter the pairing or my own personal love or hate for the pairing
* Doesn't matter the fandom as long as I know it.
* Doesn't matter if someone else already demanded said pairing / fandom / whatever. It shall be unique to each of you.
* You can also ask for more than one. and I'll see what i can do.
* This has no time limit and will never expire.
* This is open to everyone stumbling around here.

(stolen from cateris)

of course I only know Saiyuki, Diru, bits of SHINee, and the GazettE so aaaahahaha idkidk. Shoot for it, bbs! I don't care if it's a pairing I hate or not I NEED INSPIRATION GDI!
plus it would help if you like gave me a sentence prompt or something to go off of?
Tags: 1sentence, drabbles, fanfiction
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