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you are so young

and beautiful;

my name is taylor and i roll with
16 December
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you couldn't look anymore fine with a beer in your hand
and your tights on my floor.

"then we went to Taco Bell and honked the horn of our muffin cars at fuckers" dialyticrecklessaddict

tay: age is unimportant; as a perverted, hormonal, childish gentleman of the female gender of german-irish descent, this leads me to engage in games of fisticuffs and partake in BIERNACHT. lingusitics whore, hobby artist and author, keeps it classy and ruins everything.

[+] danish. german. hetalia. dir en grey / kaoru. die mannschaft. rainbows and sparkles everywhere. art. quotes. macabre, disturbing ideas. hats. all music. grammar. literature. fancy names for everything and that five minutes of extra sleep.

[-] phobias. "why would you do that". math. not much else really.

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